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Tuesday laughs – Your daily goodies now available

Tuesday laughs – From time to time as you may of noticed, we enjoy treating you to a random fact or two; and today, Tuesday, we came across a piece of info that we thought could interest you. Did you know that Tuesday was the day that people were the less likely to have sex? But mind you, another alternative is to scratch your ankle, as conducted studies have revealed that the satisfaction one gets out of scratching that specific part of his anatomy is more or less the same so…

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

My boss just caught me sitting like this – Tuesday laughs at

I’m so in debt ecard at

Reading can seriously damage your ignorance at

Sleeping in dog meme at

Looks fade but dumb is forever at

I hate it when the voices in my head go silent at

Promises finger – Tuesday laughs at

raindrops keep falling on my head humor at

Hulk on the loo at

Did you wake up thinking today ecard at

Vintage I’m usually quite fluent in dumb at

Chillin funny definition – Tuesday laughs at

I like you so much more ecard at

On a scale of one to lord of the rings at

If you woke up hot one day funny comment at

Stupidity should be painful at

Chuck Norris Nokia humor – Tuesday laughs at

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Meanwhile at prom funny at

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B*tches love sonnets – Tuesday laughs at

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Application for permission to date my daughter at

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