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Sarcastic quotes – The Sarcasm is strong in this one

Sarcastic quotes – Warning : Very sarcastic zone ahead. A new week starts, and yet another delightful Monday is gracing us with his presence – Keeping in mind that for a number of you it’s Easter Monday and you might be among those who have the day off, so if that ever is the case, we hope that you’re having a wonderful one so far. Rare are those who actually enjoy Monday – and we are no exception here- so we thought that we’d treat you today to a big compilation of sarcastic quotes; ones which made us smile lately during our hours of intense web scavenging.

Wishing you a sardonic PMSLweb moment!

The sarcasm is strong with this one – Sarcastic quotes at

Sunday to Monday is one day humor at

Fighting the urge to write a sarcastic comment at

I miss you April fool’s ecard at

Happily ever after is so once upon a time at

My mind doesn’t just wander at

You put the you in FU – Sarcastic quotes at

You go girl and don’t come back ecard at

Let your freak flag fly at

It’s never too early to start drinking at

You’re bad luck ecard – Sarcastic quotes at

Once in a while someone amazing comes along at

The more you talk ecard at

A person can only kiss so much a** at

Sarcasm because arguing with stupid people at

I’m a constant delight sarcastic quote at

Commodian funny definition – Sarcastic quotes at

I wasn’t always this sarcastic ecard at

Funny and sarcastic iPhone message at

It’s not that we have more patience as we grow older at

I wish facebook had a FU button at

Kiwi fruit testicle humor – Sarcastic quotes at

I use to have a perfect life sarcastic ecard at

I’m sorry to hear you’re still a loser at

My husband is busy vacuuming now at

Phone coverage humor at

Contains opinions that may offend you – Sarcastic quotes at

Stop hating smartasses at

Askhole and advice hole at

The difference between wasps and bees at

I want you to know that whatever problems you’re having at

They say money can’t buy happiness at

Sorry I’m late but I didn’t want to come – Sarcastic quotes at

When no one else will f*ck you quote at

Lying piece of paper humor at

I would of come with a remote quote at

Complaining is mouth farting at

I practice friendly sarcasm at

A penny for your thoughts seems a little pricey at

Sick woman versus sick man humor at

Sarcastic speed limit sign – Sarcastic quotes  at

Life at the speed of 15 WTF’s per hour at

Begone this is not for your brains at

Sarcasm and stupidity meet at the elevator at

Stop using this poster humor at

Sarcastic please copy and paste at

Can I help you sarcastic joke at

Why I don’t like people funny quote at

I could not hear you – Sarcastic quotes at

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