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Hump day goodies – A midweek selection of funnies

Funny autumn dog turds – Hump day goodies at

Hump day goodies – As usual, Wednesday, aka the middle finger of the business week, is the perfect occasion for everyone to catch a breath. The time has come to fill up a tad your giggle-o-meter, and we’d be thrilled if you allowed us to contribute into setting the mood with our latest addition of funny pics, so don’t hesitate ... Read More »

Hump day humour – Your crazy midweek spin

Hilarious newsreader at

Hump day humour – Once more, it’s time for us to attempt to enhance your midweek with yet another Wednesday selection of funnies… no strings attached, it goes without saying evidently. Where have our numerous hours of internet scavenging led us to this time round? You’re about to find out! Wishing you a diverting PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Wednesday fun – The lunatic camel is on its way


Wednesday fun – Hump day is here, so in order to encourage you to hang in there, we thought that we’d treat you to a little midweek treat. We hope that a new collection of wicked goodies sounds good to you… if yes, let’s not waste any more time and get stuck in! Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Crazy hump day – Wednesday’s wicked collection of goodies

Lord vader vibrator – Crazy hump day at

Crazy hump day – A famous nursery rhyme refers to the third day of the week by the following verse : “Wednesday’s child is full of woe”. While we’re not sure how accurate that turns out to be and do not intend on starting a study on how miserable kids actually could be on hump day, once thing we have ... Read More »

Hump Day humor – A midweek gallery of funnies

Scumbag tooth meme at

Hump Day humor – Once more, the skilled team of Sherpa’s that we are have managed to reach the peak of our glorious week. The altered composition of the air at this high requires of us to frequently catch a breath, and we have the pleasure to inform you that you have just reached one of the check-points put at ... Read More »

Hump day goodies – Wednesday January 1st 2014

Dead fly police line at

Hump Day goodies – Brilliant idea to start 2014 on a Wednesday, as we will be directly beginning the year with a slide down to the weekend, and many should appreciate for sure. Here’s our first collection of funny pictures of the year, as we suspect that a certain amount of you are still in the process of recovering after ... Read More »

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