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Wednesday funnies – Going All In on Hump day

Wednesday funnies – We’ve decided to kick-start today’s Hump day edition with a handful of interesting facts we’ve stumbled across and which you might not be aware of. While some will say that ignorance is bliss, you’ll agree that given what we often sadly get to witness while surfing (aka procrastinating on) the internet, this idiom tends to be far too overrated and if we may add, a percent of the worldwide human gene pool seems to take a certain undisguised pride into abusing it on a daily basis. Anyway, time for a tad knowledge…

- Women with large pupils are more likely to sexually attract men.
- The place the most lies are told is in bed.
- Straight men often have smaller penises than gay men.
- Only one woman out of a hundred is able to reach an orgasm by fondling her breasts.
- A woman is more likely to cheat on her partner during ovulation.
- It’s between the age of 17 and 18 that a man reaches his sexual peak.
- Caucasian women with a college degree are more willing to practice anal sex than any others.
- The world could be repopulated to its current number using the sperm contained in one aspirin capsule.
- During an orgasm, both gender’s heartbeat is around 140 per minute
- The smallest penis ever measured was 1cm long while the longest reached 33cm.
- Women over the age of 40 are those who masturbate the most.
- A man’s life expectancy is directly linked to the number of times he’ll have sex.

Time for us now to get back to the funnies.
Wishing you a giggle-powered PMSLweb moment!

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