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Hump Day collection of funnies – No need to try and resist

Hump day collection – Well would you believe it, it’s time to provide you with your midweek treat, and once more we hope that we won’t let you down! Endless hours of intense research & scavenging, numerous cups of coffee, and we now humbly stand before you for the moment of truth.

Wishing you a knock-a-bout PMSLweb moment!

zombie apocalypse I’m ready
the legend says MTV meme
no time to explain grab a cactus
how I feel when I find money in my pants
air umbrella
why do people sing and dance in my pee funny
our computer is slow funny meme
what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger demotivational
perhaps we’re on the equator funny
crocodiles can now fly or teleport
4.30am and you’re trying to sleep bird meme
are you alcoholic funny
I must have an amazing butt ecard
linda Lykes inn
worst virus to ever hit facebook funny
I identify with Dorothy ecard
flood in germany is no excuse for a messy garden
I don’t know who you are but I will find you meme
dog aroma therapy candles
yolo when I win lotto
homosapien post fail
I’m busy now can I ignore you some other time
life’s too short to pretend to like you
dear Abby funny letter from a husband
It’s been that kind of day just keep pouring
Obi Juan Kenobi
psychic arrested again she didn’t see it coming
just because there are plenty of fish in the sea
this is not shower in a can axe meme
I’m glad that I don’t have to hunt for my food funny
I don’t care if you cry us a river ecard
who takes these pictures funny meme
my job versus my salary funny
the 1450 sized slipper
Bernice’s butt lift was  huge success
if Miley cyrus and justin bieber were both drowning
I could never fit both bowls in the microwave meme
I did not mean to push your buttons funny
let’s get you started on 3000 milligrams of I don’t give a s*it

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