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Saturday LMAO collection – Funny pics to enhance your day

Saturday LMAO collection – If you are currently reading us, chances are that you have a little free time on your hands (that you obviously have decided to kill!). Over the years, the Internet has became the number one source as far as relaxation/procrastination is concerned, and no doubt that by now the vast majority of us have acquired very important skills/knowledge such as “How to apply makeup like a porn star”, “How to read a chipmunks’ body language”, “That your entire childhood was a lie”, “How to drill a hole into your iPhone” or even “How many genders there actually are”… Evidently, this amazing endless database also includes a fair share of humor; indeed, these days thanks to the World Wide Web you will quickly realize that anything and everything can become a subject of mockery, and once again our latest edition of Saturday nonsense sure won’t prove the prior statement wrong….

Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny Walmart winter announcement - Saturday LMAO collection

I can relate to this creature funny meme

His nostrils look like eyes humor

Waiting for 9.15 funny leg spreading clock

When society suggests you to be yourself humor

When you’re trash but still better than the rest – Saturday LMAO collection

The more you know the dumber you sound to stupid people funny meme

Cat catches dog with blanket funny gif

Creation what really happened funny meme

I love you more than I love using sarcasm with idiots funny text

Quick pic before knocking down the Christmas tree funny cat meme

All men should make coffee for their women funny quote – Saturday LMAO collection

Some of you can’t leave milk and cookies for Santa funny meme

Funny Jack the Stripper comic

I almost had a need a man moment sarcastic humor

Follow your dreams funny wine edition – Saturday LMAO collection

When she agrees to make a sex tape funny meme

How do I block you funny text message

When you use your laptop to charge your phone funny meme

We get it you like doggy style funny meme

When you make plans while you’re in a good mood funny meme

Your name backwards is super hard anal funny name prank – Saturday LMAO collection

Bought this glove at the flea market adult humor

I feel like the great barrier reef funny meme – Saturday LMAO collection

Sexy Thanksgiving Turkey dancing

Me trying to face my problems funny meme

Your brain when you’re trying to focus humor

Let’s see who will read this funny meme

Partridge in a hair tree funny Christmas sweater

You can’t all be Lex Luthor funny Trump meme – Saturday LMAO collection

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