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Weekend fun – Our Saturday edition of funnies

Weekend fun – We hope that Friday evening treated you good whatever your plans were, and that an awesome Saturday now awaits you. Evidently if you are of those who will be working over the weekend, may your surroundings allow you to get through the next two following days without getting your panties into too much of a twist (we all know how some specific peeps have a natural talent when it comes to putting our patience to a test!). In all cases, if you’re in the mood for a few chuckles, why not take a few minutes to check out our latest selection of funny pics? Interested? Great, now let’s get scrolling…

Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Because you can crochet doesn’t mean you should humor – Weekend fun

Funny ghost logic meme

Funny realistic male doll

Funny casual Friday quote

Finding a quarter in the coin return funny quote

Funny quote about texting

When you used to call someone funny quote

Old TV I was the remote funny quote – Weekend fun

If you win the lottery funny quote

Funny lottery and alcohol quote

Funny what daddy taught me meme

The secret of life humor

Funny L’Oreal Mario Bros

Your password will be reset meme

Signs you’re a cat lady meme – Weekend fun

Funny vending machine sign

Funny fat bear meme

You know me so well funny text message

Funny Travolta is Take on me video clip

Funny sauce tags

Funny man returns to work article title – Weekend fun

Don’t you hate that one photogenic friend humor

If you are feeling lonely funny quote

Skywalker and his zimmer humor

Toilet paper is a live humor

When you lay down for a nap humor

When you’re so untalented you play the door knob humor

Phone never leaves the house funny comic

Remember spraying me with that water bottle cat meme – Weekend fun

Sarcastic you got out of bed humor

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