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Witty Thursday – A sarcastic collection of funnies

Witty Thursday – It’s Thursday, and for many, the countdown to the weekend has somehow psychologically started. The toughest part now is to make it through the two remaining business days, although the mood triggered by the latter usually cannot in anyway be compared to what one would face when embarking for the Monday/Tuesday journey for instance. Anyway, in order to help spike up the state of mind, here’s a collection of sarcastic-tainted funnies.

Wishing you a cheerful PMSLweb moment!

Funny life of an Asian actor – Witty Thursday at

Funny Facebook comment at

You never know what you have funny quote at

Bieber milestone humor at

Funny why we love our kids at

Lady gaga is Wilson meme – Witty Thursday at

Funny soldat meme at

Funny Audio tape at

Sarcastic dr Seuss at

Fool me once ecard at

Kill Bieber captcha at

Male brain funny – Witty Thursday at

Funny theory of evolution ecard at

My nipples have turned yellow funny Yahoo question at

Funny handy pillow at

When pet spiders get lost at

Funny sexist Facebook answer – Witty Thursday at

Funny you don’t look gay at

Sarcastic Hitler meme at

What waldo’s kids look like humor at

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Funny iceberg meme – Witty Thursday at

Funny can meme at

Daft punk catching fire humor at

Keep calm is getting out of hand at

Funny how did you become a lesbian at

Folding your underwear sarcastic ecard at

Jesus and weed funny painting edit – Witty Thursday at

Jesus and Brangelina funny painting edit at

Funny Jesus painting edit at

Not playing with a full deck ecard at

Cat jump fail at

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