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Boredom Killers – A collection of goodies to check-out !

Boredom Killers – Fess up, who doesn’t like procrastinating online, may it be from home or honestly even during tasks on professional ground. Wasting your time correctly is an art as it requires a methodic organization in order to make the most of it. So little time, so much dawdling to do… you know the drill!

By now you know that at we wear our hearts on our sleeves and always do our best to provide you with as many procrastinating supplies as we can. We spend a fair amount of time each day on a scavenging quest, fiercely braving the WWWW (aka World Wide Web Waves) and today after going through hours of web archives we’re happy to submit a few boredom killers to you.

Wishing you a very unproductive PMSLweb moment!


The Southpark Generator :

Southpark generator

A must try for every South Park purist whom gets the occasion here to see his dream come true by customizing his own character. Why not surprise your friends and generate a picture of them too!


The Killer Quiz :

The killer Quiz
Are you of those who follow what their guts tell them and if yes how reliable are the latter? Come and find out now by discovering if you know how to recognize a computer genius from a serial killer.
Hacked to death or…. Hacked to death! You will soon find out…


The Fart Generator :

create farts
What kind of fart can you relate to, which sort secretly hooks a smile to your face? If you are bored and have a little minute to spare why not come and give this little generator a shot!


The Crazy Illusion :

crazy illusion
Everyone enjoys a good optical illusion every now and this one should really take your breath away!
Concentration is the key here…


Helvetica versus Arial – The Battle :

Helvetica versus Arial
Helvetica or Arial – where does your heart stand? If the answer is Helvetica then you should definitely come and dedicate a few minutes of your time into beating the cr*p out of good old Arial.


Ren and Stimpy :

Ren & Stimpy
Not easy for Ren to catch a good night sleep tonight as Stimpy has terrible outbreaks of gas! Test your reflexes here by trying to help patch them up.


Sorting Out People :

sorting out people quiz
Remember the famous “don’t judge someone on a first impression”? Well here you’ll understand just how accurate the saying can turn out to be. During this test you’ll be asked to classify pictures of people into 5 categories: American-Indian, Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latino & White depending on where you think they belong, and be sure that it will turn out to be all but easy and lead to a few surprises.


Road Traffic Simulation :

Road traffic flow
This simple road traffic flow simulation game should keep you entertained quite a while. By filling in entries such as the inflow, politeness factor, speed, velocity or even acceleration & deceleration you will attempt to regulate the traffic and a dose of willpower will be required to do so!


Kirk versus Picard :

Kirk versus picard game
No need to present Star Trek, true myth which aired with its original cast in the 60’s and underwent a few revamps over the past 40 years. Two significant characters retained by the fans are no doubt captains Kirk & Picard and in this little game you get the opportunity to let them have a go at each other using very original attacks.


The lego brick Factory :

the lego brick factory
While we all know what a Lego brick is – not to mention the excruciating pain you endure when you step on one, have you ever asked yourself where on earth they come from before nesting hidden in a corner of your carpet, patiently waiting for their next victim? Here’s your occasion to learn more about these cheeky little fellas, by taking a guided tour through an interactive 80’s arcade game stylish Lego brick factory.


The Pie Game :

Let's have some pie

Anyone up for some pie? Here’s a little Java game that should not only get your taste buds going but also take your gray matter for a spin! In how many bites can you take down a yummy pie.. it may seem simple at first but is far from being as easy as it looks, so good luck on that!


The Big 80′s Lyrics Quiz :

80's music lyric quiz
Oh so you own when it comes to 80’s music? If you’ve ever wondered just how sharp your knowledge song lyrics wise is regarding the Turbulent Eighties decade, then you should definitely give this quiz a shot. During the latter you will encounter 103 different lyrics -100 plus 3 bonuses- and will be asked to fill in the blanks, without cheating evidently.


The Hospital :

the hospital
Treat your inner psycho to a cozy vacation by visiting this old & deserted hospital. Numerous abandoned floors, corridors and rooms will embrace your presence and hidden goodies await you left and right during your tour. With such an appealing description, why resist any longer?
Bon voyage!


Future Me :

Future Me
Nobody knows for sure what fate has in order for them ; where will you be in one, five, ten or twenty years from now, what unexpected turns will you stumble across, will you stay true to yourselves?
Here’s an interesting suggestion – why not send your future you an email (and even pictures), just to remind him/her of where he use to stand and what his dreams, priorities and news were at a given moment of his past…


Global Rich List :

global rich list

The time has come to review exactly where you stand on the face of the planet wealth wise. By following this link you will be offered two options – income & wealth – both of which will allow you or by entering your income or by typing in your various assets, to determinate your economic ranking. The big question now being: “are you ready for the naked truth?”


Fly Sui :

fly sui
« Man who can catch flies with chopsticks can accomplish anything ». Now you just bear that in mind before deciding if yes or not you wish to inflict yourself the ultimate patience test, as the prior sentence sums up what you’ll be exposing your nerves to here. You will only be given a handful of seconds to fulfill this stressful task, and remember that “Patience is a virtue” —> hahaha.

Rubik’s Cube :

Rubiks cube
No need to explain what a Rubik’s cube is, nor what you will be asked to achieve when playing this online version of it. Do not expect it to be any simpler than the vintage real deal either as you’re signing up here for just the same amount of colorful trouble as you’ve encountered in the past, so why oh why even go there??

Your Online Mirror :

your online mirror
“Mirror, mirror upon the wall, who is the fairest of us all?” Point being that we are now in the 21st century and walls have become far too mainstream. No let’s face it, these days when you need to check yourself out no need to sweat yourself out when thoughtful webmasters put to your disposal super practical tools such as online mirrors…

The Virtual Autopsy :

the virtual autopsy
If you’re the kind to get a kick out of shows such as E.R, Grey’s anatomy or mostly House M.D – maybe did you even own a certain board-game called “Operation” as a kid hum hum – then you should get a kick out of playing this free “virtual autopsy game”. 18 cases will be submitted to you and using common sense at moments, personal knowledge at others and to be honest a fair amount of luck the rest of the time, you will need to determinate why exactly each of these poor peeps passed away.

City Creator :

city creator
Tired of playing all the super sophisticated simulation games available on the market these days – Well why not give something a tad more retro a shot (glitches and all)? Thanks to city creator you can waste a few minutes of your precious time building simple little towns, a wonderful solution for what is of keeping you entertained during coffee or lunch break for example.

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