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A Monday Collection – setting the mood!

A Monday Collection – Now just where did the weekend go and how on earth did so many of us get conned into signing up for this recurring Monday thingy, talk about signing a pact with the devil… Nonetheless, now that the harm is done we have no other choice but to make the most of it so happy face everyone!
Since we cannot consider one second letting machiavellian forces torment our poor souls all week we need to set the mood upfront and here’s a little something we hope shall help you in fulfilling the latter.

Wishing you a bright and cheerful PMSLweb moment!

Procrastination funny
bear who’s got a lighter meme
David Grohl Nickelback song funny tweet
Bad flowers meme
this is the guy we learn about in maths
your child is an a**hole funny book
coma chameleon funny cartoon
water bottles before and after funny
Thank god I brought my umbrella meme
this is 1885 welcome to jackass meme
STFU sirop
phobia of chainsaws yahoo funny question
proud mum grammar fail
merry Christmas fail
vroom vroom funny love tractor
misspelled first word in sentence funny
I found the rubber band funny
why video games make you violent funny
dad upgrades nokia to iphone funny
vegetarians even plants think you’re wrong meme
let me in I’m a fairy spider meme
nurses be like funny meme
I’ll try and phrase this so it doesn’t hurt your feelings ecard
final lap Mario kart funny
squirrel pajama pants
It’s a bird it’s a plane funny
Metro Goldwyn Mayer grumpy cat
why is everybody naked
a story about friendship, murder and revenge
altitude bed nope funny
format my hard drives bracelet
funny Cadbury letter
construct straw
maybe your dick would be bigger ecard
Inari fox or pokemon
friends dressed up as a roller coaster
if abortion is murder funny comment
el supermano DC super heroes
you might have a little drinking problem funny
dildo island adventure tours
the best gifts are always the ones your kids make funny
every single time I eat cat funny
Chewbacca april fools prank
7 new buttons facebook should introduce
twilight jasper demotivational
red back egg sac funny
dachshund is german for pain in the a**
USB shovel funny
for the orphans envelope
can spiders have fun yahoo question

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