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The 285th day picture collection – weekend funnies ahead!

The 285th day picture collection – So far we’ve courageously made it through 41 weeks this year, some no doubt probably tougher than others. Question: “Do you remember what you were doing this time last year?” was it just a Saturday among so many others or do you have a specific souvenir linked to it? (good or bad that is)

In all cases we wish you a wonderful 285th day of the year and an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Vietnamese kid t-shirt fail
starbucks inhaler
Batman wedding cake
Scooby doo what are you doing funny meme
L’Oréal funny hardrockers hair
I too could be a colossal a**hole
awesome dad advice on iPhone
banana anatomy
I have a bad case of f*ck its ecard
you will never be this awesome demotivational
Is your drama going to have an intermission soon ecard
my mom said I ruined a great family picture
the bathtub test funny
the camping trip funny story
Help I am pretending that I am dead funny
drunk Egyptian funny meme
there it goes the last f*ck I give
does anger management really work funny
the scratchy blanket funny
the duck refused medical treatment
grumpy cat my blood type is be negative
when my name is in a maths problem meme
decisions were made here funny
dear customer service ecard
some people just lack the ability ecard
Obama he’s not your dad funny
whales how are we going to evolve funny cartoon
types of facebookers
just to surprise my liver funny meme
douchebag merit badges
being a parent means ecard
the circle of life funny
50 shades of reality funny
grammar matters
please let there be a zombie apocalypse ecard
iPhone terms and conditions of service funny
it’s saw and not seen ecard
wineorexia ecard
movie fans quotes funny
people who use a lot of swear words quote
the new sponge in the sink funny
smartphone funny
I’m sorry but I could not hear you ecard
new funny punctuation marks
F U gorilla

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