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Crazy Monday humor – The best way to start the week

Crazy Monday humor – Welcome to a new and exciting contemporary week of Internet at its best. Once more, funny nonsense seems to be everywhere and evidently we’re delighted to be able to share with you our latest findings. In the mood for a handful of chuckles? Buckle up then and let’s get started!

Wishing you a brilliant new week ahead and a kick-ass PMSLweb moment!

Funny Monday penguin gif - Crazy Monday humor

Childhood yank your joystick humor

Paul Walker confirmed in fast and furious 8 funny meme

Life has never given me lemons sarcastic humor

Jiminy cricket smoking funny dank meme

I have the patience of a St funny sarcastic mug - Crazy Monday humor

Monday be like funny gif

Alec Baldwin has gone too far funny Trump cartoon

When you had a kid but really wanted a hamster funny meme

Pull until your penis turns orange funny plane safety guidelines

I hate everybody here funny gif

When you warned her it's been a while funny meme - Crazy Monday humor

Funny inappropriate nursing baby tips

Funny BBC one Trump inauguration presentation

Cat lost his eye in a fight funny meme

Your tooth has been classified fair funny letter

Coldplay are Radiohead for mums funny google suggestion

 You can go f*ck yourself sarcastic gif - Crazy Monday humor

What English can do to you humor

For when a standard kick in the ass just doesn't cut it humor

Blowjob what you see vs what she sees funny comment

Funny NSWF Trump inauguration gif

How to spot out a Canadian protester humor - Crazy Monday humor

Funny vintage condom advertising poster

Funny Walmart stereotype fails

Putin riding Trump funny photoshop

Italian navy funny google search result

Do I love my job funny quote - Crazy Monday humor

Taco Bell the night before was not such a great idea funny gif

 Pigeon realizes he should stay clear from McDonald's parking lot meme

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