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Crazy Saturday – The voices are back

Crazy Saturday – If you’re aiming to spend quality time with your inner demons, you’ve knocked at the right door; as today we’ve concocted for you a wicked compilation of funnies just the way you like them. Sarcasm, irony and twisted chuckles await you today in the scavengers playground, so kick off your shoes and enjoy.

Wishing you a devilish PMSLweb moment!

Playdead funny gif – Crazy Saturday at

Be the best version of you funny quote at

Yoda suck it meme at

White girl wasted meme at

Funny ice cream truck meme at

Mexico’s national sport meme – Crazy Saturday at

I’ve sprained my liver at

Blowjob humor at

When flies rub their hands funny at

Truth about marriage humor at

Vintage daddy and son humor – Crazy Saturday at

Boy scout meme at

Go f*ck your selfie at

Calvin Klein f*ck off at

Tree sex – Crazy Saturday at

A world without women humor at

Lay’s port wine and cheese at

Porn gives people an unrealistic idea quote at

Will you flirt with other girls again – Crazy Saturday at

I was just thinking about U humor at

Join the marines they said meme at

Who is your real friend humor at

If you put your ear against this meme at

I don’t have tourettes funny – Crazy Saturday at

Smell my nuts candle at

Penis Christmas at

Funny bicycle cartoon at

Clear your mind of can’t at

StarWars foreplay –Crazy Saturday at

A whiff of grandma’s muffin at

It’s time for your spanking at

Just hurry up and leave at

Darwin Awards humor – Crazy Saturday at

Finally, why not enhance your Saturday with a little musical interlude…

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