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Friday funnies – Celebrating the weekend together

Friday funnies – Obviously, if you are reading these lines, we’re glad to hear that you’ve made it through the week and now only have a short stretch to go before reaching the beloved weekend. For a number of you, the end of the day will also mark the starting point of some well deserved holidays when you can finally put your minds to rest for a while and enjoy. So why not celebrate as from now with a collection of funny pics?

Wishing you a fun-packed weekend ahead and a giggle-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Your daily drama meme – Friday funnies at

Woman's mind and Internet explorer humor at

Shredded meat cereal at

Rude inspirational message at

Funny Pikachu logic at

What should I do next cat meme at

Bluebird of happiness meme at

How I see our dinner table – Friday funnies at

Funny and true monkey logic at

Wishing you a happy f*ck you at

Funny dental office parking sign at

Bachelorette party prank at

I don’t hear a thing you said ecard – Friday funnies at

Funny virgin match cartoon at

Russian roulette funny comment at

Perfect airport security solution at

Girls did you know funny at

Funny pope Facebook status  - Friday funnies at

Pigeon job interview funny at

I never said that funny quote at

Funny cat logic gif at

You’re a booty call ecard at

You’re a whore funny card at

Kum and go gas store humor – Friday funnies at

Annual rhyme dance cartoon at

When you feel like someone is watching you funny at

How sloths poop humor at

I want to tell you something funny comic at

I love my new dress sarcastic ecard at

Birds want your blessing – Friday funnies at

You have a special place in hell humor at

Funny lioness gif at

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  1. Another day, hard at work at the beer store…well, not that hard, actually.

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