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Friday hilarity – A TGIF funny picture collection

Friday hilarity – If you feel the need to treat yourself to a few giggles in order to spike up the mood before getting stuck into yet another wild weekend, you may be tempted to check out what follows. Indeed, after spending the last few hours scavenging the World Wide Web, we’ve put together a little TGIF collection of funnies that we hope you’ll enjoy. As usual, following the house’s politics,it’s all just for fun, so don’t take it too hard.

Wishing you a brilliant weekend upfront and a fun PMSLweb moment!

It’s Friday funny vintage – Friday hilarity at

An old couple’s anniversary joke at

Measuring your wife for an ironing table humor at

Only toilet paper deals with so many a**holes quote at

Hairy Nigerian woman Gillette humor at

Couples who have been married for a long time funny quote at

When girls get ready for clubbing – Friday hilarity at

Nutsack teabag at

Australian wildlife versus rest of the world at

This was not a good decision cat meme at

Let me turn into the nicest mum in the world at

Order a Christian husband meme – Friday hilarity at

Pet sandal meme at

They said I would never walk again humor at

Gross selfie meme at

Funny eels meme at

Why do we have earwax humor  - Friday hilarity at

The bullshit flag has been raised at

Forever alone cat at

Funny jilbab cartoon at

When you see it meme at

Woman breastfeeds dog – Friday hilarity at

Apology form humor at

Funny Facebook buttons at

Nicolas Cage as Jesus humor at

Purina dog food joke at

Funny Organic caveman cartoon at

Answering questions like a presidential candidate at

Slayer Raining blood humor at

Funny neat nature facts – Friday hilarity at

Big foot profile picture humor at

Cinderella whatever humor at

Jesus take the wheel gif at

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