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Funny TGIF – Our Friday selection of funny pictures

Funny TGIF – Friday is finally here, and after a few hours of intense internet scavenging, the time has come for us to spike up the mood shall we, with a pre-weekend selection of funny pics and gifs. Whatever your plan is for the weekend, we hope that the latter will turn out to be a goodie, and we’d be more than honored to help kick-start the festivities.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Sarcastic Friday ecard – Funny TGIF at

What if they decided to close Facebook tomorrow at

Pilgrim sexy talk at

Egyptian toilet humor at

Funny wood school cartoon at

Who washes their face like this – Funny TGIF at

Mom what’s oral funny at

Those comments suck at

Sexy French sentences at

This program is not responding graph at

Funny bunny love cartoon at

Voldemort cat meme – Funny TGIF at

Pikachu and Ash now at

Funny hipster edit at

Girlfriend iPhone fail at

What’s the book for spider meme at

Cat rage comic at

Fake windows message deleting that bitch at

Bee outside versus in my room – Funny TGIF at

I have a Mac humor at

Shotgun blast humor at

Funny turtle gif at

Funny Doug look alike at

Crush Facebook status humor at

Call of duty in a nutshell – Funny TGIF at

Tsunami in the bathtub at

Cute super glue advert at

Funny Mexican baby ecography at

You expect me to believe that drugs were not involved here at

Funny mom comment on Facebook – Funny TGIF at

Funny coffee with pants down at

International hand symbol meme at

Funny Mario Kart on Wikipedia at

Funny tomato in therapy at

Welcome to my bathroom form at

Trying to give a damn gif – Funny TGIF at

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