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Funny collection of sarcasm – LOL is the name of the game

Funny collection of sarcasm – Before going any further please allow us to wish you a wonderful Hump day and congratulate you on reaching the first major milestone of the week. Indeed, once those infamous twins (aka Monday & Tuesday) have been put behind us, we must make sure to start letting go of a tad ballast, and what better way to do so than to fit in a few mocking chuckles whenever the occasion presents itself… so long story short time to dig into our latest collection of sarcastic funnies.

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

Funny collection of Sarcasm

When people tell me that I've changed and ask me what happened sarcastic humor

I almost cut my finger off cutting my salad funny sarcastic meme

Boy toy brad doesn't look like his profile pic funny meme

I just want someone that has sweet names for me sarcastic humor

Still trying to remember when I asked for your opinion sarcastic humor

Have you ever been too nice sarcastic humor - Funny collection of sarcasm

Me after being an asshole all day funny sarcastic meme

This is how real couples sleep funny meme

Row your boat funny sarcastic nursery rhyme

Lip rings do not make you more attractive funny meme

When I tell you I'm doing nothing sarcastic humor

People think that I'm shy sarcastic humor - Funny collection of sarcasm

My wife made me coffee this morning sarcastic humor

It's funny how we all sleep differently sarcastic quote

When you treat people the same way they treat you sarcastic humor

Have you ever added someone on Facebook funny sarcastic meme

If you run now don't ever come back to this house funny meme

Stalking my page won't tell you a damn thing about me sarcastic humor

When you'd hurt yourself what used to be your parent's reaction meme - Funny collection of sarcasm

I can't wait to retire funny sarcastic quote

The crunch of something you're not supposed to be eating funny meme

Feed the homeless not your ego sarcastic meme

Men are a lot like infants sarcastic adult humor

Don't you love it when just your presence pisses someone off sarcastic quote

The words let's see who will read this funny sarcastic meme - Funny collection of sarcasm

As kids we wondered why our parents were always in a bad mood funny quote

Do you ever see a person you used to be friends with sarcastic quote

When someone starts cutting the grass at fuck o clock funny meme

Don't ban people because of a small group pf cunts meme

Guys over 30 this shit is unacceptable funny meme

No bond is stronger than two people that hate the same person - Funny collection of sarcasm

Girls know what you said 7 months ago sarcastic humor

Thundercunts ho funny sarcastic meme @PMSLweb

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