Funny Hump day pictures – Taking a spin down memory lane

Funny Hump day pictures – For today’s edition of Wednesday funnies, we’ve decided to dig back out a few “oldies” that we have been clinging on to for a while now. Gathered left and right on the World Wide Web during the past 3 years, we just could not resist and had to dedicate them a post. While you will probably remember some of them, others may of got lost in the abyss of your temporal lobe over time – we just realized that ourselves too.

Wishing you a peachy PMSLweb moment!

Funny Tarzan gif at

Which pill do you choose – Funny Hump day pictures at

Prehistoric selfie cartoon at

Funny in-flight wifi graph at

Olympic durex advert – Funny Hump day pictures at

Blonde bank joke at

I peed inside a girl funny comment at

Funny eye of Sauron cartoon at

Funny Facebook comment at

I’m jealous of your mum meme at

Goat with manatee cartoon – Funny Hump day pictures at

I need google in my brain Facebook status at

Safety first meme at

Funny hypnotist joke at

Funny wedding cartoon at

Hilarious Facebook comment – Funny Hump day pictures at

Funny Pinocchio splinter cartoon at

Insecure guy Facebook status at

Betty White comment about Facebook at

Farting for 6 years fact at

Funny fake product logos at

One minute of silence for the friendzoned guy at

Funny broken picture art at

Lyrics in the 70’s Vs today – Funny Hump day pictures at

Funny germs 5 second rule at

Pollution awareness win at

Funny close door button graph at

How languages were made

This reminds me of something at

Bull joke – Funny Hump day pictures at

Plane blue screen of death at

Buffering seen on Youporn funny at

Funny potato head meme at

Funny Heineken don’t drink and drive advert at

Funny self rising dough cartoon at

F*ckbook I don’t wanna be your friend at

Maximum friendzone meme – Funny Hump day pictures at

Funny scuba hand signals at

Funny Facebook cheating poll at

Pivotal moments in evolution cartoon at

I’m cumin spice joke at

All this technology is making us antisocial at

When grandma goes to court – Funny Hump day pictures at

Funny Ted gif at

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