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Funny pictures – Your Wednesday delicatessen

Funny pictures – The best way we know of to wish you a happy “hump day”, is one which consists in submitting to your funny bone a good dose of nonsense. Indeed, rare are those who will refuse to let themselves be tempted for a few minutes, so let’s get going, as our Wednesday collection of funny pics awaits you.

Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Funny cat wake up fail – Funny pictures at

Man sues ugly wife news at

Funny sun tan fail at

Fake emo scars humor at

Funny inner selfie stick at

Funny cat butthole cartoon – Funny pictures at

Funny shopper product fill up at

It’s a dog’s world meme at

Skeleton gets a boner prank at

Funny wealthy cat meme at

Donald Trump appears in butter news at

Sniff my butt funny cat cartoon – Funny pictures at

Funny expensive crab gif at

Funny in-flight chat at

Walmart made Christmas possible funny comment at

Funny Pope kissing advert comment at

Firefighter motivations dafuq did I just read at

Collar to hear your cat’s thoughts funny cartoon at

Funny evolution of romance – Funny pictures at

Best poster in the world at

Funny biker costume fail at

Are we there yet funny cartoon at

Are you pregnant referee joke at

If you wave at the ocean it might wave back joke at

Have a coffee sarcastic quote – Funny pictures at

Funny sesame Street Elmo caption at

Will we find intelligent life humor at

Funny Facebook quote logic at

Funny Indian girl joke at

Cleaning lady mistakes art for trash news at

Funny Snow white and the seven Taliban’s – Funny pictures at

Funny Ford vehicle names game at

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