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The best of social media – Episode 1

The Best of social media – These days, the influence powered by online social media is undeniable. May you be a casual internet user or a devoted addict, most of you will admit owning at least one account on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google +, Youtube (the latter qualifies as one in regard of what happens over there, trust us!) etc…
What turns out to interesting with these outlets, is the fact that they mingle individuals of different age and ethnic groups, people will different educational or religious backgrounds.. As well as souls from each extremity of the common sense Richter scale.

Welcome to the Best of social media – part I, dedicated to this amazing universe. We wish you a delicious PMSLweb moment!

Danger Internet – Best of Social media at

Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe Youtube funny at

Souls of the Cheerios Youtube funny at

Ya boy youtube funny at

Weather report Youtube funny at

He-Man center of Youtube and the internet at

Beatles copying Bieber Youtube – Best of Social media at

Mc Gyver while building Ikea furniture youtube at

I’m with stupid Twitter at

I can’t brain today I have the dumb at

Fat Amy Twitter funny at

Mona Lisa is Leonardo Da Vinci’s best work funny twitter at

What is Obama’s last name – Best of social Media at

Going to Africa Twitter funny at

Funny Twitter Cartoon at

Social network eye cartoon at

I’m so ugly Facebook fail at

Mark Twain’s statue Facebook – Best of social media at

I hate cheaters Facebook fail at

I love my mum weird facebook photo at

Weird brother love on Facebook at

Girls vs boys on Facebook at

Dr Seuss facebook funny  - Best of social media at

James Blunt death Facebook fail at

People need to understand that people on Facebook at

Is that a bottle of windex at

Work absence funny at

Santa Facebook requests funny  at

Funny private messaging between mum and kid’s friend at

Facebook album funny fail at

Just poured battery fluid over my hand – Best of social media at

Funny truths about Facebook at

Default Facebook profile picture humor at

The awkward moment Facebook funny at

Movies are so unrealistic Facebook humor at

Iran just friended us on Facebook funny at

Eminem just cleaning out my closet funny – Best of social media at

Facebook fap button at

Hilarious dad on Facebook at

Things I’d like to see disappear forever Facebook funny at

That’s no miracle that’s an overdraft at

Bible Facebook fail  - Best of social network at

Funny Facebook Heineken status at

Boyfriend hospital prank Facebook status at

Stupid people everywhere - Best of social media at

Tag a friend Facebook funny at

Funny pregnancy announcement on Facebook at

Polygamy Facebook relationship status at

Skillens Facebook fail at

I don’t want to be a baker Facebook funny at

Muslim problem nephew called Jihad – Best of social media at

Are you from Paris funny Facebook comment at

WWII Facebook newsfeed humor at

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