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Funny Thursday – A collection of pre-weekend lolz

Funny Thursday – For those who could do with a few lighthearted chuckles before entering the TGIF zone, we may just turn out to have a few mood-enhancers in stock which you might be interested in. You will find the latter bellow, free of charge, so please feel free..

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

If I wanted your opinion ecard – Funny Thursday at

Movie seats humor at

Funny price of painting meme at

Funny clothes logic at

Martian Luther King fail at

Three rules to live by – Funny Thursday at

The person you’re going to marry iPhone humor at

Douchebag neck humor at

I realized that I don’t like you ecard at

Lying to my face ecard at

Parents be like meme at

Punctuation social personalities – Funny Thursday at

Shark help funny Facebook comment at

Star Wars shut up and take my money at

A serving of STFU ecard at

Facebook attention seeking comment at

Coffee temperature humor at

Never lie to someone ecard – Funny Thursday at

If you remember doing this meme at

Shit’s on fire meme at

Devil vagina magic ecard at

Facebook 1 million likes fail at

We both know what you’re aiming for here at

Facebook girlfriend humor – Funny Thursday at

Nelson Mandela marriage joke at

How to get over your fear of the dark humor at

What did I do for everyone to hate me at

Funny sea creature meme at

Funny men and women in the shower facts at

Funny feed me cat animated – Funny Thursday at

Motorized shopping cart meme at

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