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Thursday LOL – A collection of lighthearted funnies

Thursday LOL – A bit more than 24h before the weekend is finally here people, so why not make the most of it and kill a little time together? It’s time to lubricate that funny bone of yours and today we’re delighted to propose you a little chillax collection of lighthearted funnies, so why not check out the latter!

Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Funny drink more water sloth – Thursday LOL

When one of your homies out the hood makes it humor

iPhone versus Nokia humor

This could be us funny meme

Pray for me sarcastic humor

Bruce Jenner is Mrs Doubtfire humor

Khajiit stole nothing humor – Thursday LOL

Juniors looking at graduating seniors be like humor

Funny you’re being shagged by a rare parrot

Funny Hunger games flight attendant

Funny when they come to your house and try to be player 1

When the cashier is done with you humor

Your throat here funny tattoo – Thursday LOL

My friend got a surprise haircut at work today humor

Pet names will get meaner funny text message

Met Kamé Sennin at the store humor

Funny marry me, bitch gif

I enjoy a glass of wine now and then funny quote

Funny after your mama gives you a whooping – Thursday LOL

Stop trying to escape the friendzone humor

Funny feminist magazine cover

Pope is a bitch humor

Funny when you sit down and talk to your ex

Funny redneck alpaca meme

Funny rule number one never trust anyone – Thursday LOL

Do you find me attractive funny Facebook comment

His head is identical to the donut humor

My favorite bible verse humor

Funny grocery carts cartoon

Funny how to con your kid into eating – Thursday LOL

Funny don’t dive sign fail

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