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Hilarious Wednesday – A chuckle powered collection

Hilarious Wednesday – As it turns out, Hump day tends to be the first truly significant milestone that one will reach during their fantastic weekly epic. As dictated by tradition, we will now celebrate this notable event, by submitting to your appreciation a chuckle-powered collection of funny pictures.; so please be our guests.

Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Funny pool rules – Hilarious Wednesday at

Am I a moron stupid yahoo question at

I love men in uniform fail at

So you’re telling me cat meme at

Plants produce oxygen hipster edit at

Funny male peeing explained – Hilarious Wednesday at

Funny zucchini facebook comment at

Who will wear the pants in your relationship meme at

Octopus steals video camera Youtube humor at

Dolphins rape people funny gif at

Funny ford speed limits – Hilarious Wednesday at

Little boy wants Viagra joke at

Horse riding funny expectations vs reality at

Draw invisible woman humor at

Funny wedding invite answer at

Advertising board fail – Hilarious Wednesday at

Funny iPeed urine sample at

Funny rose cartoon at

Funny Taco bell what people see at

Funny lab safety tips at

Add anal to Ford vehicle names – Hilarious Wednesday at

Funny plus size clothing delivery at

iStock doctor humor at

Motmot bird humor at

Funny arctic animal puzzle fail at

Caution moron alert at

Stop being a dumba** at

Mancave commandments – Hilarious Wednesday at

Your mum scale chart at

How to start an argument online at

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