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Jokey Tuesday – Cruising through the week with a smile

Jokey Tuesday – Your latest delivery of Tuesday funnies is now is stock, so whenever you have a few minutes ahead of you and feel like a little mood-enhancer, please feel free to come and pick up the latter which awaits you on our usual virtual display racks.

Wishing you a smile-powered PMSLweb moment!

Yoda’s new job meme – Jokey Tuesday at

Shove your K up you’re a** at

God send me a man meme at

House pregnancy humor at

Carbdashians meme – Jokey Tuesday at

You have a dirty mind meme at

Checkout lane chit chat meme at

Ghetto family sticker at

Proctologist simulator meme at

Women should date men with beards meme – Jokey Tuesday at

F*ck you supermarket style meme at

Hockey is to Canada what war is to America at

Every girl is beautiful meme at

Checkout lane humor at

This is advanced stupid  - Jokey Tuesday at

Hobby lobby humor at

Funny parenting level meme at

Having your cat declawed funny cartoon at

Funny nuclear plant safety measures at

Vagina lunch bag at

Finishing a shampoo bottle meme – Jokey Tuesday at

Shaq and girlfriend funny anatomy at

Checkout lane divider humor at

Street hoes sign fail at

Studying food for safety at

 Let’s go to taco bell meme at

What if we gave the NSA permission to spy on us meme – Jokey Tuesday at

What the hell is the question humor at

Guy with broken heart humor at

Couldn’t get out of bed facebook fail at

Funny truths at

Funny green day cartoon – Jokey Tuesday at

I want guys to treat me good fail at

Cemen dip name fail at

We all have that one friend jump fail at

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