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Hump day craze – Put your funny bone to the test

Hump day craze – Welcome to our latest edition of Wednesday nonsense. As usual we have decided to treat you today to a handful of nutcase funnies that we stumbled across during our hours of intense World Wide Web scavenging. We hope that the latter will contribute in enhancing a tad your midweek mood. Anyway, less talk more action, the time has come to put to the test those scrolling skills of yours.

Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Shooting a bear doesn’t make you badass humor – Hump day craze

Funny tweet about Tinder

Funny cat logic cartoon

Social media in a nutshell humor

Funny feminist tweeting

Wife wants divorce after 7 hours of sex funny news

This is Bill funny Batman meme – Hump day craze

Funny getting ready to tell homies some gossip

Asked husband to pick up potatoes humor

You mean to tell me funny meme parody

Funny Facebook do you remember cartoon

When the club says ladies free humor

Lion with a Christian heart humor – Hump day craze

When the teacher is watching you during a test humor

When someone plays country music in the car humor

Funny sarcastic Steve Irwin quote

Funny people on Facebook be like

Funny when your ugly friend comments on a picture

Funny countdown game gif – Hump day craze

Funny 12 items or less express lane joke

My guardian angel be like meme

Hilarious if you can read this

Cookie monster wants you to STFU sarcastic humor

When someone tells me their unwanted opinion humor

Funny imaginary friend story – Hump day craze

Clueless women keep sharing this humor

When you hurt your sibling humor

Girls attitude be like humor

Florida man kills imaginary friends funny news

Funny definition of the internet

Censorship can make anything look dirty humor – Hump day craze

Funny poem for mornings humor

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