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Wednesday funnies – Welcome to the chuckle zone

Wednesday funnies – It is with great pleasure that we announce the publishing of our latest collection of Hump day funnies. Once more today, we hope to enhance a tad your midweek (and ours) using the best proven drug we are head over heels about –aka laughter – so if we manage to get a few smiles out of you, our latest hours of scavenging will not have been in vain….

Wishing you a chortle-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny snowboard picture truth – Wednesday funnies

Have a day funny emoji

Hipster Green day meme

The screen is blue and full of errors

Funny black lives matter sign

Monopoly humor

Don’t be like Donald humor – Wednesday funnies

White people do shit like this humor

Old motherboard looks like ancient Greece meme

Meanwhile back in 1999 humor

His reaction when the tree falls humor

Guitar Hero Nirvana edition meme

Luke Skywalker hide and seek champion meme

Funny driving cat animation – Wednesday funnies

Eight inches of snow joke

When your mum cuts your hair humor

Funny list of most expensive materials

Funny world tragedy map

Funny survival tips

Funny hotel maids on February 15th meme

Your sith name game funny comment – Wednesday funnies

Christians are horrible drivers humor

Tough time for firefighters meme

How girls react when you tell them to switch positions

Brentwood photography supports gay marriage funny win

Funny Buscemi cat

Our most notorious pedophile news title fail

Funny dog versus cat – Wednesday funnies

Time zones are amazing sarcastic status

BBC subtitling department humor

If you had not done that one thing humor

What drives me crazy joke

Popeye had a sister humor

Patrick Stewart doesn’t age humor – Wednesday funnies

Funny USB cake fail

When guide dogs take a shit meme

I shrunk the Kardashians humor

Godzilla condom meme

No decent blokes out there humor

Funny taking selfie while cutting someone in half

Hilarious Asian restaurant name – Wednesday funnies

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