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Monday funnies – A wicked collection of sillies

Monday funnies – It has already been a month and a half since we set foot into 2015, and by now the good old Monday routine has sadly kicked-back in. Getting back use to it doesn’t by all means imply that we’ve accepted the latter as being part of our schedule, we just go on suffering the first day of the business week the way we always have…. A little distraction is often more than welcome nonetheless, so why not check-out our daily selection of funnies?

Wishing you a fantastic new week and a diverting PMSLweb moment!

Funny no pee sign – Monday funnies at

Headphones fail at

Stupid headlines at

Rabbit’s luck sarcasm at

Not today ebola meme – Monday funnies at

Funny manly things quote at

The first word you see prank at

Funny welcome to Amsterdam sign at

Subway sandwiches joke at

Apple fanboys humor – Monday funnies at

What are you doing there meme at

The tummy returns at

Funny alien bottle opener at

Funny school teacher name at

Funny number plate at

Funny ice cream name fail – Monday funnies at

Funny bathroom quote at

Car guy priorities meme at

When diarrhea strikes meme at

Go kart repair prank at

Playground slide design fail – Monday funnies at

Divorce vs murder joke at

Walking your cat meme at

Elderly living fossils meme at

Coke bottle name meme at

Big D that’s what she said at

When I see boobs meme – Monday funnies at

Hilarious name at

Taco bell meat meme at

Amazing motorbike stunt at

Just ate taco bell meme at

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