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Crazy hump day – Wednesday’s wicked collection of goodies

Crazy hump day – A famous nursery rhyme refers to the third day of the week by the following verse : “Wednesday’s child is full of woe”. While we’re not sure how accurate that turns out to be and do not intend on starting a study on how miserable kids actually could be on hump day, once thing we have noticed on the other hand is that “Wednesday’s adult is full of insolence”. That is why – keeping that in mind – we found appropriate to propose you to celebrate hump day with a wicked collection of goodies, and hope that the latter will kick-start a few smiles.

Wishing you a devilish PMSLweb moment!

Humped to death by a pet camel at

The berenstain bears humor – Crazy hump day at

The cleavage caddy at

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How’s your husband’s disposition at

Calendar placement fail at

Why are penises called cocks – Crazy hump day at

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Outside world real life windows at

Duct tape car meme at

Wasted and broke noodles at

For a**holes with girlfriends at

When selfies go horribly wrong – Crazy hump day at

I gave that b*tch a plunger meme  at

Haineken Skywalker at

Caring dads always lube at

Mr Balls mascot for testicular cancer meme at

Chicken looking cake at

Screwing with the NSA – Crazy hump day at

Holy water gun meme at

Close enough swimmer meme at

The fresh prince of Persia at

John Lemon – Crazy hump day at

The real victim of NSA meme at

Quentin Tarantino’s Bambi at

Last goal got the crowd on fire meme at

Growing marijuana stealthy at

I wish your gynecologist was Freddy Krueger at

Kiddie tazer – Crazy hump day at

Epic selfie at

Can of fish a**holes at

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