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Miscellaneous – A collection of interesting pictures

Miscellaneous – Ever since PMSLweb first “aired”, once in a while we enjoy dedicating a post to various kinds of miscellaneous pictures we stumble across while surfing the infinite world wide web ocean. Given that we have not had the occasion to do so yet since 2015 started, we thought that kick starting the week with a misc post could turn out to be a good idea. We somehow found the following pictures interesting, so here goes…

Wishing you an interesting PMSLweb moment!

Water connected swings – Miscellaneous at

Interesting coca cola caps at

How to read bar codes at

How to use an elevator without stopping at

Amazing painting elephant at

Living will tattoo – Miscellaneous at

Most common birth dates at

Composition of a fart at

Coin flip logic at

True spectacular accident at

Euthanasia rollercoaster – Miscellaneous at

Parrot’s last words at

You see your nose at all times fact at

Where the word vanilla comes from at

Interesting family evolution at

Interesting semen facts at

Cuddling fact – Miscellaneous at

Switzerland: toilets in movie theatre at

Gardens in Switzerland vs America at

Drinking on a budget at

Interesting Nintendo facts at

Astrological signs explained at

Musicians with doctorates – Miscellaneous at

Tourist scams guide at

The Mariana Trench at

Prevention beer mug at

What cereal should you eat at

Racist brain scan – Miscellaneous at

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