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Monday craze – A nonsense tainted gallery of funnies

Monday craze – No matter how much you will mentally prepare yourself to face Monday’s venue, when the latter finally shows up, his vicious breathing down your neck will always get through to you, making you somehow uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the importance allocated to his arrival entirely depends on you; so why not minimize his significance and draw a few smiles on your face.

Wishing you a brilliant new week and a joyful PMSLweb moment!

Turtle fail – Monday craze at

Redneck news fails at

Drug addict elmo at

Mr Clean win at

Curious George and the joker at

Insert disk 2 demotivational  - Monday craze at

Facebook status humor at

Funny homemade vuvuzela at

Funny tourist bus fail at

You know when you are too old humor at

Funny restaurant order at

Funny husband vs wife google search at

tampon string fail – Monday craze at

Funny is out of your reach at

Hand job practice demotivational at

Funny octoslam breakfast at

OGC sign fail at

Polar bear stupid demotivational at

Super piss product name fail – Monday craze at

Funny mermaid cartoon at

Funny tree hipster edit at

Youtube is racist humor at

Funny autocorrect fail at

Grandpa shopping bag fail – Monday craze at

Angle from my nightmare at

If we bang tonight autocorrect fail at

Funny eagle come at me bro at

Pharaoh looks like Michael Jackson at

Off to Bethlehem autocorrect fail at

Truth about success at

Do you accept this offer humor – Monday craze at

Pussy and cock toy fail at

Handbag design fail at

Bad luck humor at

Where hitler got his hate cartoon at

Experienced boner classified advert fail – Monday craze at

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