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Monday funnies – A collection to keep your spirits up

Monday funnies – Once more, no doubt that a major part of you were thrilled when Monday decided to show up this morning. While faithfulness does tend to be a quality we all usually seek for, this little bugger’s devotion is a little freaky and leads to bittersweet feelings in the long run. Come to think about it, Monday acts as the” overly attached day of the week”… Nonetheless, ignoring the latter is always a wise plan and what better than a few sniggers to get your spirits up, right? Our latest collection of funny images is now up and kicking, so if you’re looking for a little distraction, please feel free.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead and a nonsense-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny woman’s logic – Monday funnies

Funny wedding bouquet prank

Doing bald right funny cartoon

Medieval spring break meme

Funny a**hole cat cartoon

Welcome to gamestop humor

Dancing with the tsars meme – Monday funnies

Funny things men do

Funny Mary poppins gif

It's a woman funny comic

Funny cucumber gif

Awkward autocorrect fail

Funny I’m everything you need text message

Funny ghostbusters hieroglyphics – Monday funnies

How to use a useless man funny cartoon

Funny Christian rock meme

Funny hoes be going to bed like humor

Wash your anus humor

Funny beer troubleshooting chart

Funny foo fighters ticket sale – Monday funnies

Funny cupcake advertising

Are you raising a douchebag humor

How to pose in front of the tower of Pisa humor

Funny ball ticking monkey

How to drive him crazy in bed humor

My wife treats me like God meme

Funny my wife agreed to anal Game of Thrones – Monday funnies

Living in Australia funny meme

This dude has unlimited memory humor

Funny teacher’s open house menu

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