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Monday nonsense – Funny pics to start the new week

Monday nonsense – Only days after the attacks in Brussels, this weekend also turned out to be the theatre to atrocities perpetrated in the name of human stupidity. Our hearts and thoughts go out to the Pakistanis people who suffered one of the most horrendous and vicious attacks one can witness, when children were targeted. Seriously, this bulls*it needs to stop once and for all….

Stop terrorism

Welcome to yet another crazy edition of Monday funnies. While we hope that the weekend treated you good and that those of you celebrating Easter were spoiled by the Easter bunny (while taking it easy on the choccy, evidently), the time has now come to get mentally prepared to dive into a brand new week; so why not take a few in order to refill up a tad that wicked giggle-o-meter of yours!

Wishing you a lighthearted week ahead and a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Meanwhile in Russia meme – Monday nonsense

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Funny astronaut toilet paper

I’ve never been more stressed out humor

Christian website sex advice fail

Do you want to play with my balls funny adult book  - Monday nonsense

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Vote Rick Astley for president humor

When girls take their bras off joke

Indians are not accepting refugees funny cartoon

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When my rich husband dies humor – Monday nonsense

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Funny when your alarm goes off

Funny boss come back

Funny an apple a day keeps the doctor away

Shit posting time funny cat gif

When your emotional breakdown is over humor

When your scarf isn’t warm enough humor – Monday nonsense

Let the hate flow through you Trump meme

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Cat vampire joke

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Filling up the car meme

Funny cat chariot – Monday nonsense

Yu-gi-oh costume humor

Funny Yu-gi-oh text message trap card

Kum container funny product name fail

Metalicca opened for Jesus’ birth joke

Funny angry jesus gif

I found a picture of your grandmother selfie humor

Getting shampoo in your eye funny quote – Monday nonsense

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