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Monday Funnies : Express delivery of Smiles !

Monday FunniesAnd suddenly Monday strikes back…
Time for most of us to try and contain the overflow of joy linked to the beginning of a new week; because, let’s face it, we’ve all been counting the hours since Friday evening stamping with impatience. Now we aknowledge the fact that asking you to slightly moderate the euphoria would be very selfish and totally inappropriate but IF EVER by chance you do manage to find a spare minute or two in your busy schedule, you’re cordially invited to check out the following!

Wishing you an enlivening PMSLweb moment!

kim kardashian funny meme
toddler funny cup of tea story
If I give you a nice big straw will you go suck the fun out of someone else
english is apparently very difficult demotivational
my childhood feels like a major fail funny
Tattoo fail - kill yourself meme
WTF swimming suit
what the hell is in the can of raid - funny ecard
dryer caught in the act funny picture
your shipment of fail has arrived meme
dog versus squirrel mum
why science teachers should not be given playground duties
Madonna adobe photoshop cream funny
funny christmas tree idea
If it smells like bullshit and looks like bullshit ecard
they've been sitting like that for 10 min cats funny
Smart man at the supermaket funny
I didn't say you were stupid I said you are stupid ecard
priorities demotivational
KFC look alike funny
Just stop talking funny
The A family funny
whoever did this is my hero demotivational
and then the cat opener funny
Today's word is focus funny
cat meme your death will be slow and painful
in scandinavia they won't even let you fart funny
you look like you need a dose of get the f over it
That moment when you realize funny
nothing makes me more productive than the last minute ecard
I just rolled my eyes so hard I saw my brain ecard
the car is ruined funny
freshly washed ballerinas funny
911 help me I'm in danger funny
all I have to say is you better be this hard to get into bed when you're 18
well played product placement guy funny
coworker mug prank
meme funny south america football goal
Kristin stewart poker face funny
dentist funny meme
I have a workstation funny quote
grandma tracking my cookies funny
how I feel using my keyboard funny
How I see my car funny
funny football fail gif
OMG she's not wearing a seatbelt funny
lesbian funny demotivational
spermatozoides funny cartoon
dead man gets sued funny
funny schoolboy late for class gif
world of warcraft skills save norwegian boy and girl from moose
smart people y u no fix elevator big bang theory
mum on facebook funny replies
what kind of car do you have gender funny
where's the little girl funny meme
vinnie and the tomato garden funny story

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