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Monday PMSL – A new week of nonsense awaits you

Monday PMSL – Because we know that kick-starting a new week is always quite hectic (given that after the weekend your motivation meter work wise is very close to nil); we figured out that a handful of chuckles couldn’t do any harm. Below you will find our latest selection of Monday funnies, so please feel free!

Wishing you a brilliant new week and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Giving Monday the finger – Monday PMSL

Parenting in public versus at home meme

Jus rol can humor

One of these days I’ll do it meme

Fister board game

Funny coffee machine fail – Monday PMSL

Holy toilet light humor

Funny AOL status

Zelda has prepared me for this moment humor

I don’t trust crustaceans funny cartoon

Optimist, pessimist and cat – Monday PMSL

To proceed enter your age feel old yet

Selfie shoes

Solution for keeping the dog out without a screen door meme

When  you forget you’re wearing earphones and walk away from the laptop

When you’re hiding from cops in GTA humor

Funny stove translation fail – Monday PMSL

Dog blends into rug humor

Just stop talking meme

The real reasons why construction work takes so long

Yay bacon sign

Batman and Robin scroll down we need to go up

Funny coloring book titles – Monday PMSL

Funny wet floor sign

Funny mythbusters tweet

When you finally turn 21 ID card humor

I forgot I had potatoes meme

Amish vibrator

Star Trek as seen by George RR martin – Monday PMSL

Nobody cares about your stick figure family sticker

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