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New week funnies – Your Monday mood enhancer

New week funnies – Once upon a time it was Monday, one of those most frustrating non-fictional stories you will ever encounter. Most of the time the first day of the week can trigger more or less violent bouts of Mondayitis (if in doubt, symptoms of the latter include fatigue, depression, distress and weariness), but by enhancing your day with a few guffaws you can nonetheless reduce these manifestations and make the whole experience more bearable. If you aren’t totally convinced, why not give it a shot with our daily selection of funny pics?

Wishing you a gorgeous new week ahead and an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Peace on earth humor – New week funnies

Jesus and dinosaurs’ humor

Funny Netflix and chill

Funny soup spoon cartoon

Blocking access to the pirate bay humor

Dear Slim , bieber joke

Funny Zlatan chicken

Mr Trump Mr men parody – New week funnies

Funny happy birthday Ikea

Grandma getting beaten up joke

Funny breaking benches

I can fap to this humor

Funny what this baby’s first words will be

Funny angry motorbike gif

Fist me like I’m the last pringle quote – New week funnies

Funny flush the toilet sign

Trying to chill on your birthday Facebook humor

I accidently said STFU funny comment

Funny the face you make meme

African nudist beach meme

Evolution of eyebrows humor

Funny Lady bird book titles – New week funnies

The US is bombing Labia facebook fail

Funny ladybird fail

Wife asked me to label the plugs humor

Son forgets father’s day humor

People who can park versus BMW joke

Funny the I’m not interested starter pack

I’m sexy and I know it meme – New week funnies

Funny I ate lunch twice with this guy

Funny cockroach sex

Everyone has that annoying friend

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