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Monday madness – Wicked chuckles to start the week

A new study shows meme

Monday madness – Sadly enough it’s already Monday, and we have no other choice but to face the naked truth: the weekend & its joys are officially over. Be gone sorrow… while you take a wicked pleasure in taunting us every Monday, there’s no way that we cannot attempt to counter attack using our secret weapon of mass laughter (aka ... Read More »

New week funnies – Your Monday mood enhancer

Everyone has that annoying friend

New week funnies – Once upon a time it was Monday, one of those most frustrating non-fictional stories you will ever encounter. Most of the time the first day of the week can trigger more or less violent bouts of Mondayitis (if in doubt, symptoms of the latter include fatigue, depression, distress and weariness), but by enhancing your day with ... Read More »

New week funnies – Goodies to enhance your Monday

Cat powered cleaning robot – New week funnies at

New week funnies – Despite the fact that your beloved alarm clock this morning spelled the end of what we hope turned out to be yet another glorious weekend, why not put all the odds on your side in order to make the upcoming week as pleasant and bearable as possible. The keyword you should focus on as from now ... Read More »

New week humor – A sarcasm tainted collection

It's acute fucktardis ecard at

New week humor – Today, we would like to raise awareness about a condition which actually affects a majority of the population : The Monday morning alarm clock Syndrome or MMAC. While to this day there is sadly no known cure to the disorder, specialists in the field tend to agree that a good dose of laughter can help minimize ... Read More »

New week funnies – Sending positive vibes your way

Reading the time with the Polish cycling team at

New week funnies – Waking up on Monday is always a toughie, and rare are those who do not feel a slight heartbreaking sensation during those last extra few minutes you tend to grant yourself to – while keeping an eye on the alarm clock – before actually leaving the bed. Deep down inside you know that any excuse you ... Read More »

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