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Fake Pokemon trailer: Finally a movie parents will enjoy

Pikachu uses flash funny - Fake Pokemon trailer at

Fake Pokemon trailer – Tired of the Pokemons? Do your kids drive you nuts with the never-ending list of painful creatures, their headbanging names and evolutions… – not to mention that they also can have kids of their own and make us sound so has-been when we get questioned about them without being able to answer (What you don’t know that Warltortle evolves into Blastoise, that he is 87.5% Male and 12.5% female, that his type is water and that as he levels up he gains powers such as a tail whip or a rapid spin??? Noooo = Epic Fail!).

If the answer is YES, well you may want to check out the following video… Fake Pokemon trailer: Apokelypse – the movie WE will finally enjoy.


Anyway, whether you like it or not, these evil little characters originally created for the game boy by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996, have passed the test of time for sure and the Pokemon freezy is a well-oiled worldwide business that seems to be transmitted from one generation to another – and as a matter of fact are now ranked second just after the Mario bros franchise video game success wise – so we might as well roll with it!

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