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Gaming humor – A few funny gems gamers will understand

Gaming humor – We hope that the weekend treated you well and that those of you who were lucky enough to be able to chill the last two days of the week managed to dedicate time to their favorite leisures, whatever the latter are: Sports, cooking, web-surfing, sleeping (well yes, we guess that it can be considered as a hobby, right?), travelling (for a gorgeous walk through the countryside or up the pub for a few pints) or even gaming -just to name a few. Speaking of which, you are widely mistaken if you picture the video gaming universe as a peaceful and relaxing one where you slowly evacuate all the stress built up during your every day duties… On the complete opposite, these virtual recreational zones more than often turn out to be mind and nerve challenging ones, where a whole new level of stress comes to top up your current state of mind. Indeed, may it be generated by the very singular video game logic (you can expect anything), an amazing teamwork display (why do I bother even playing with these people?), life sucking opponents, lag (well of course lag, what else?) or a bundle package of all of them, but stress will most probably be omnipresent all along your journey.

Anyway, long story short (don’t you just love slipping that in after a monologue?), today we’re sending a virtual wink to all you gamers out there (Computer, console, tablet…) via this collection of funny video game pictures, no doubt that they will talk to you.

Wishing everyone a fantastic new week ahead and a sniggering PMSLweb moment!

Gaming humor

Funny video game tournament logic

My son asked for a PS3 meme

Funny Sims logic cartoon

Sorry for what I say during Mario kart cake

E3 preview versus console release meme

Skyrim advice chicken meme

Funny Romeo and Juliet gaming edition – Gaming humor

You must play candy crush meme

Funny Pokemon game dialogue fail

Call me Zelda one more time meme

Funny vintage software catalog

E3 trailer versus final game humor

Economy is the equivalent to Mario Kart’s blue shell

Funny cross platform player comment – Gaming humor

When you keep dying in the same spot in a game humor

When a female gamer needs ammo humor

When a piece of armor doesn’t match your current set meme

Philippines playing Minecraft before it was cool meme

You merely adopted gaming meme

We should start referring to age as levels  funny tweet

Funny virtual gaming glasses gif – Gaming humor

The future of gaming meme

When she hears the Xbox turn on funny tweet

When one country is way ahead on the tech tree meme

Funny Mario kart blue shell meme

Men, women and Starcraft humor

Sonic running after Audi rings humor

Men will be men funny text message – Gaming humor

I’ll just go around the mountain funny gaming meme

Funny Assassin’s creed logic meme

Video games who they are made for versus who plays them

Hopeful parents and video gaming son humor

Gamestop meme

Mario kart bananas meme

Funny gaming dad advice

He looks like a wii avatar humor

Funny candy crush meme

This mushroom is so raw funny Gordon Ramsay meme

When battle music plays in a game humor

Paying user versus free user gaming humor

League of legends teamwork humor

Funny Pokemon game dad fail – Gaming humor

When you have the star Mario bros funny cartoon

Funny Luigi death stare

Funny grandmother playing Assassin’s creed

Funny gaming platforms versus torrent client software

Multiplayer in the 90’s meme

Welcome to league of legends meme

Funny gaming air assassination meme

A very lucky gamer playing against boss – Gaming humor

Funny league of legends hecarim meme

When I’m eating cookie dough sims humor

Angry Japanese dad breaks playstation

Funny Facebook video game fail

Funny controller disconnected gif

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