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Saturday madness – A weekend edition of funnies

Saturday madness – We are optimistic that you are comfortably settling into the weekend, and for those of you who wish to include a little (or tad more than that) procrastination time into their schedules, why not make a halt over on our virtual playground. Our latest edition of Saturday funnies has just gone viral so please feel free to check-out the latter.

Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Turning my test in humor – Saturday madness

What state do you live in humor

Illegal’s are destroying this country Trump humor

When the teacher says you have 3 minutes left humor

Funny relationship goals do you like Pringles

Do you speak United States meme – Saturday madness

Funny how to tell if cauliflower is ripe

Funny when I take my headphones out my pocket

Why I look at breasts humor

Funny wrestling bed joke

When you leave the store without buying anything funny tweet

Funny Christian mom poodle – Saturday madness

Funny when your sibling gets a whipping after you snitched on them

Funny arm wrestling champion meme

Funny cat lost everything

That face you pull when you know your daughter will have sex tonight humor

I want to kill myself right now funny Ice cream fail

Funny Facebook IQ test fail – Saturday madness

Funny girls be like shaved yesterday

Baby looks like he’s gonna spit out the hardest nursery rhyme humor

Passive aggressive Jesus meme

What it feels like when your girl goes through your phone humor

When you borrow your dad’s shoes humor

What Spiderman is really about humor

Funny pornography historian job – Saturday madness

Uncle Ben is dead funny parody

Funny kamehameha eyebrows

Funny republican baby

The pope wants to be Piccolo humor

Wait a second, what is going on here humor

The shredder boss joke – Saturday madness

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