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Hilarious Friday – Thank Goodness it’s fun time

Funny married sexting joke

Hilarious Friday – Once upon a time, the weekend was finally in sight and the mood of an important part of the world’s population was directly affected by the latter. Whatever the upcoming weekend has in order for you, kicks-starting it on a ludicrous note always turns out to be a tasteful choice, so why not start as of now ... Read More »

TGIF humor – Our daily gallery of funny pics

How to extend the length of your essays humor

TGIF humor – Friday is finally here, and while some of you lucky peeps have already had the chance to kick-start the TGIF festivities, the rest of us will still have to wait a few hours before they can officially let their hair hang down and rejoice. Whatever the drill, why not take a few to treat your funny bone ... Read More »

TGIF Funniness – Our Friday edition of goodies

I’ve stopped drinking for good humor – TGIF funniness

TGIF Funniness – Our Friday edition of goodies TGIF Funniness – As usual, when Friday suddenly appears on the red carpet, the most notorious day of the week makes a glamorous and sensational entry. Wild but classy, humble but confident, and flirty but faithful could definitely sum him up; and when you ask him who he decided to wear today, ... Read More »

Friday humor – The TGIF chuckle zone

My decision making skills funny quote

Friday humor – If you are of those who are counting the remaining hours/minutes which still separate you from the weekend, and are looking for any excuse to kill of a little time, then you may be interested in checking out our latest collection of Friday funnies. After all, what better way to start the weekend than with a handful ... Read More »

Funny Friday collection – A gallery of Friday funnies

Dear liver it’s Friday humor

Funny Friday collection – My beloved Friday, I’m so glad that we are back together at last. I’m sorry that you had to see me with Monday (I honestly hate his guts), Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday, but I swear I was thinking of you the whole time. Believe me, they mean absolutely nothing to me, and it defo is not ... Read More »

Hilarious Friday pictures – Crazy weekend vibes

I didn’t mean to push you buttons funny quote – Hilarious Friday pictures

Hilarious Friday pictures – Time to buckle up, and let the TGIF spirit take control …. From this time onward you know the name of the game, right? So kick off your shoes, let your hair hang down, say goodbye to any remaining inhibitions and let us get this wicked party started! Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead and a ... Read More »

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