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Funny Hump Day – The more nonsense the merrier

Going to the shrink about facebook joke

Funny Hump day – If ever you seem to be having a hard time focusing on your daily duties right now and just can’t seem to shake off the urge to procrastinate right and left (finding any given excuse to do so)… please allow us to act as the devil’s advocate and suggest that you give in to your “cravings”, ... Read More »

Hump day fun – A midweek gallery of funnies

Funny lego hanging cartoon – Hump day fun

Hump day fun – Welcome to our cyber playground’s midweek edition of funny pictures. With two days to go before setting foot in 2016, in theory, the spirits should be in a pretty good place today. If you were looking for an excuse to embrace a little procrastination time, please feel free to check out the following collection of funnies… ... Read More »

Hump day nonsense –A delivery of midweek funnies

Funny pop goes the weasel casket quote

Hump day nonsense – Given that the need to take a spin down loony lane always tends to spike on Wednesdays ( the faster the page is slammed down on Monday & Tuesday, the better), once more we have put together a Hump day edition of wacky pictures, and hope that this crazy supply will match the demand. There’s only ... Read More »

Hilarious Hump day – Bring it on camel

Rich and unmarried or poor and married funny kids talk at

Hilarious hump day – Our virtual playground welcomes you to its midweek edition of nonsense. Hump day is always the perfect occasion to catch a breath after dealing with the week’s evil twins – Aka Monday & Tuesday – so feel free to dig into our latest selection of funnies before starting your journey back down mount Hump. Wishing you ... Read More »

Midweek funnies – A gallery of quality giggles

If a guy remembers the color of your eyes funny quote at

Midweek funnies – Reaching the first true milestone of a new week (successfully completing the ascension of Mount Hump) is not something to be taken lightly. Indeed, while your modesty is honorable, we are aware of the efforts and courage required to safely and soundly make it through Monday and Tuesday. You have greatly merited catching a breath; so please ... Read More »

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