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Hump day madness – Welcome to the loony zone

Cats looking at humans on the internet meme at

Hump day madness – You are cordially invited on cruise through the tumultuous online waters of the “Wednesday triangle” (also known as the Chuckles triangle). Will you have what it takes to survive the latter, or will your soul disappear under mysterious circumstances? Find out right now by checking out our latest collection of Wednesday funnies. Wishing you a jocular ... Read More »

Wednesday funnies – A collection of midweek guffaws

Charlie brown been there humor at

Wednesday funnies – In order to congratulate you for unlocking the “Making it to Hump day” achievement, it’s an honor for us to grant you access to our latest midweek selection of goodies. We hope that you managed to reach this important milestone without suffering too much collateral damage, and may the rest of your journey (destination the weekend evidently) ... Read More »

Wednesday funniness – A Hump day mood enhancer

If you combined your fortune with Bill Gate’s at

Wednesday funniness – Welcome to a brand new edition of Hump day nonsense , featuring our latest selection of funny pictures. Once more, our hours of internet scavenging have allowed us to come across a handful of wicked goodies, so without further delay let’s get stuck in. Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Jokey Hump day – When laughter is the name of the game

Match computer problems to their solutions humor at

Jokey Hump day – Welcome to yet another installment of “it’s time for your Wednesday funnies”. The midweek is the perfect occasion to treat your funny bone to a refined polish, so we hope that today’s collection of funny pics will help bring out that extra dazzle you are aiming for. Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Hump day funniness – Midweek side splits

Target sign accident humor at

Hump day funniness – Welcome to our latest addition of Wednesday funnies. Once more, we hope to assist you during your giggle-o-meter refill, by submitting to your appreciation a collection of funny pics gathered left and right while surfing the terrible World Wide Web’s cyber space. The hardest part of the week is now officially behind you, so keep those ... Read More »

Wednesday chuckles – A humoristic hump day selection

Urinal humor at

Wednesday chuckles – Making it to the top of the business week’s mount is one thing – and congrats on that by the way – but making the most of the experience is another. Mood enhancing and a good dose of guffaws should be set as a priority right now, and coincidence, as your chuckle dealer we have just what ... Read More »

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