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Hump Day humor – A midweek gallery of funnies

Hump Day humor – Once more, the skilled team of Sherpa’s that we are have managed to reach the peak of our glorious week. The altered composition of the air at this high requires of us to frequently catch a breath, and we have the pleasure to inform you that you have just reached one of the check-points put at your disposal to do so, so please make yourself at home.

Wishing you a resourcing PMSLweb moment!

Food stop seducing me  - Hump Day humor at

Scumbag tooth meme at

When your vagina makes a Chewbacca sound at

Who is the other woman meme at

Willpower funny definition – Hump Day humor at

I’m a f*cking ostrich meme at

How the hairdresser sees 1cm – Hump Day humor at

Dry clean only funny definition at

Vintage sandwich humor at

iSleepy there’s a nap for that at

It’s okay to cry over spilled wine at

When people stutter remix ecard  - Hump Day humor at

Banana meme at

When a bra comes off humor at

Why she might be upset meme at

Senior citizens center sign fail – Hump Day humor at

I met my quota for apologies today ecard at

Funny baby ultrasound meme at

For that special shithead in your life at

Map of Ikea – Hump Day humor at

No one has a steadier hand meme at

Idiot repellent – Hump Day humor at

I hate when I plan a conversation in my head at

Vagina smell tester at

Studying male anatomy meme at

What’s dumb cannot be undumb ecard at

Charlie Sheen meditation – Hump Day humor at

No baby on board funny sign at

Why marijuana is bad for you meme at

Keyboard for blondes – Hump Day humor at

Knock knock who’s there ecard at

Meanwhile in Russia meme at

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