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Sunday funnies – Coming up: your dose of dominical smiles

san Paulo statue take-off

Sunday funnies – Did you know that back in the day, being born on a Sunday was considered as being a terrible sin? Indeed, medical knowledge and understanding of the human body back then being very far from what it is today, if you were born on a Sunday you were believed to have been conceived on one also… problem ... Read More »

Smooth Saturday vibes – Let us procrastinate

I haven’t seen a windshield for miles bird funny

Smooth Saturday vibes – The time has come to seriously consider doing nothing, and no need to deny we all have it us, the original online sin, internet being to us what the forbidden fruit was to Eve. Feeling guilty? Nah no need to be really, after all: - Achilles had his tendon - Superman his Kryptonite - Hulk his ... Read More »

Finally Friday – 75 Pics to celebrate worthily

cowboy bubble bath

Finally Friday – Would you believe it, we managed once more to make it through the week, and are now safe and soundly setting into Friday mode. In order to celebrate the event the way it should be, we’ve gathered a cozy little collection of 75 pictures which hopefully will generate a few smiles and help you accommodate to the ... Read More »

Wednesday giggles on their way – Celebrating St Hump


Wednesday giggles on their way – Message to the attention to all passengers who have signed up for the mid-week Camel Safari Tour: Your Hump Day Funnies are now available via your usual gateway so check-in is now officially open. Please proceed with caution and last minute giggle-shots can be found at our duty-free PMLweb health counter; we care to ... Read More »

A Monday Collection – setting the mood!

why video games make you violent funny

A Monday Collection – Now just where did the weekend go and how on earth did so many of us get conned into signing up for this recurring Monday thingy, talk about signing a pact with the devil… Nonetheless, now that the harm is done we have no other choice but to make the most of it so happy face ... Read More »

The 285th day picture collection – weekend funnies ahead!

starbucks inhaler

The 285th day picture collection – So far we’ve courageously made it through 41 weeks this year, some no doubt probably tougher than others. Question: “Do you remember what you were doing this time last year?” was it just a Saturday among so many others or do you have a specific souvenir linked to it? (good or bad that is) ... Read More »

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