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Monday guffaws – A little nonsense to start the new week

Taking out the garbage on Monday morning meme

Monday guffaws – Feeling a little mischievous today and are not sure where to start? Please allow us to give a helping hand with our latest edition of internet funnies. Why not take a few and take a spin down claptrap Avenue, chances are you won’t regret… Wishing you a glorious new week and an inspiring PMSLweb moment! Read More »

New week LOL – A few chuckles to start the week

Funny Ice cube then and now at

New week LOL – Welcome to our Monday edition of funnies. Because maintaining a certain amount of the positive vibes you gathered during the weekend goes without saying, each and every one of us should make a point of honor to include a few giggles into his schedule today; so please accept our modest contribution with the following collection. Wishing ... Read More »

Daily funnies – Funny pics to kickstart the week

If we evacuate women & children first humor at

Daily funnies – Happy Monday to all, we hope that the 31st week of the year has been treating you right so far (for memo this year contains 53). That being said, how does taking a short break from your current duties in order to spike up the mood a tad sound? Our daily selection of funnies just went viral, ... Read More »

Funny Monday arena – Time for a rib tickling session

Funny life is unfair at

Funny Monday arena – Did you know that the average person will end up moaning around 34 minutes every Monday morning, as opposed to the usual other days average of 22? Another interesting and far from anodyne fact regarding the first day of the business week, were you aware that “Monday” was also a slang term to designate a very ... Read More »

Monday LMAO – Welcome to the nonsense arena

Odor by Hodor humor at

Monday LMAO – As the new week starts, the happy vibes gathered during the weekend slowly tend to fade away… As of now, you have the power to reverse what can seem to appear at first as a compulsory fate, by simply taking on Monday heads-up. The toll-free yellow brick road that leads to our nonsense arena stands before you, ... Read More »

Daily funnies – Calcium for your funny bone

Exercising raises the risk of you posting inspirational quotes at

Daily funnies – While we know that getting up on Monday mornings requires a fantastic dose of willpower, we hope that you managed to pull through this painful task without too much harm. A new week of exemplary productivity now awaits you, so let’s spike up the mood slightly shall we. Wishing you a tremendous week ahead, and a smile-powered ... Read More »

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