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Monday YLYL pictures – A new week delivery of moonshine

Monday YLYL pictures – Once upon a time Monday knocked on your door and you had no choice but to deal with it! Monday, aka the Jehovah’s Witness of the week, never seems to give up nor take no as an answer. Have you ever noticed that every very time you’ve finally comfortably settled into the weekend the latter turns up and tries to brainwash you with his “New Week” propaganda? Painful, right? Anyway, in order to soften his blow how does a brand new collection of Monday nonsense sound? Tempted? Perfect, so let’s get going!

Wishing you a bearable new week and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Funny when Monday runs up on you – Monday YLYL pictures

Your mother was cropped out of this picture Bill Cosby meme

When giving too many handjobs catches up with you humor

If you don’t remember the title of the book humor

I was walking along the street the other day humor

If Monday were a person meme – Monday YLYL pictures

If you scream bloody mary three times sarcastic quote

I was thinking about going to the gym today funny meme

Funny Bernie Sanders bird

Kanye will release an empty CD album funny tweet

Cats have staff humor

Isn’t that your ex snake humor – Monday YLYL pictures

This is a rabbit on skis funny tweet

Funny cat’s opinion about Brexit

I was collecting Pokemons in our backyard funny text message

Dad hey dad funny cat meme

Funny cake has a message for you

You went to the beauty parlor sarcastic cat meme

Cat everything belongs to us humor

Never gonna give EU up funny protesters – Monday YLYL pictures

Cat 911 call humor

Excuse the mess funny sign

I hate everyone funny cartoon

You’re expecting a burrito humor

Saw a furious deer humor – Monday YLYL pictures

When you hit your girl from the back humor

She can eat off the kid’s menu humor

Bitch you’re a fan funny quote

Funny the kid I wanted to be versus the kid I was

When girls say don’t worry he’s just a friend funny quote

Flamingos are monogamous humor – Monday YLYL pictures

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