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Weekend laughter – Your Dominical delivery of funnies

Much shitposting I sense Yoda meme

Weekend laughter – As much as most people share an unconditional love for Friday evenings and Saturdays, Sunday is often propitious to mixed feelings. While the latter is undeniably a leading actor in the weekend saga, its role is a bitter-sweet one since it serves as a springboard for the upcoming business week, and more precisely for what probably is ... Read More »

Sunday LOL – A Sunday collection of guffaws

When you’re about to say something but decide not to humor

Sunday LOL – As the weekend comes to an end, chances are that a fair amount of you will adopt (at least partially) procrastinating as an efficient way to reach soul numbness today. Since it’s safe enough to proclaim Internet the world leader as far as wasting time is concerned, no doubt that everyone should easily find sources to match ... Read More »

Sunday humor – A hilarious collection of funnies

Funny logic puzzle – Sunday humor

Sunday humor – Because Sunday isn’t inevitably synonym of sorrow (when despite your best efforts you feel the urge to prematurely start grieving your beloved weekend), why not cut the trend and treat your funny bone to a little quality time for a change? A little facial muscle gym can only benefit you after all, and that way you’ll feel ... Read More »

Silly Sunday – The wild procrastination zone

Give peas a chance John Lennon humor – Silly Sunday

Silly Sunday –In opposition with Nike, if Sunday had its own slogan, the latter could possibly be “Just don’t do it”. Indeed, Sunday isn’t really know to be a day that flirts with motivation, but when it comes to relaxation, that can turn out to be a whole different story. In order to perpetuate the laze, why not dedicate the ... Read More »

Crazy Sunday – Ending the festivities with a few giggles

Why you should not walk behind the elephant meme

Crazy Sunday – Given that tomorrow we will have to survive the roughest Monday of the year, the very first one (aka number 1 on 52); we thought that you could be up for a little lighthearted nonsense before officially kick starting a new business year. Please allow us to submit to your appreciation, our very first edition of Sunday ... Read More »

Silly Sunday – Your dominical delivery of funny pics

Staying between the lines when parking humor – Silly Sunday

Silly Sunday – In order to celebrate worthily the last Sunday of the year, why not take a few and check out our latest (and last) edition of 2015 Sunday funnies! Once more, our latest hours of internet scavenging allowed us to stumble upon a few goodies which evidently we just had to share with you, so here goes… Wishing ... Read More »

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