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Friday fun – A TGIF collection of funnies

Friday fun – As your weekend mood is slowly settling in (evidently we do realize that for most of those concerned, this probably occurred as soon as you put foot on the floor this morning), you will feel the urge to get distracted by any possible manner increase. Since nonsense will always be a top choice, please feel free to scroll through the following collection of Friday funnies.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead & a fun PMSLweb moment!

White people say the weirdest shit funny tweet – Friday fun

Windows XP logo haircut

Is there anything better than chocolate milk funny comeback

Funny dog out of body experience

Funny running dickhead

On the first date humor

They grow up so fast humor – Friday fun

Funny Epson printer fail

Why is there a server in the house children book

When your girl says do what you want

Pray the gay away funny tweet

Dafuq photo illusion

Scumbag nurse meme – Friday fun

Giving the finger through the pet flap

First law of software quality humor

Funny autocorrect quote

Creation of Adam weed dealer

Trying to get out of bed like

Funny grandmother playing GTA – Friday fun

I’m so glad I grew up with this meme

The world before internet humor

Small dick toilet sign

Hilarious thug life meme

Pope looks like he’s playing in a Puff Daddy music video

Hurry Ivan meme – Friday fun

People walking by with little smiles on their faces quote

Is it still installing meme

Sanctity of marriage funny fail

You know you’re a 90’s kid funny quote

Dinner rush humor

Automatically feeling annoyed when looking at someone – Friday fun

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