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Crazy weekend – When your mind takes a turn for the worst


Crazy weekend – What happens when one’s mind takes a turn for the worst and starts ignoring the boundaries it usually complies by? Basically, this is the topic we’ll be flirting with today… The weekend is here, so let’s focus on it and treat ourselves to a few giggles. Wishing you a chortle-riddled PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Weekend madness – Looking into the definition of insane


Weekend madness – By the time we reach the weekend, most of the time we will do so with limited sanity and far from denying it, we will often end up questioning our state of mind ourselves. Today’s collection of funny pics probably won’t prove us wrong and far from trying to convince us that we can snap out of ... Read More »

Saturday giggles – A handful of weekend smiles


Saturday giggles – As the weekend is running its course, either in party or procrastination mode, a little surfing will very often end up being included to your schedule. During those moments you’ll often just want to chill a tad, and a collection of funnies can turn out to be a perfect checkpoint in order to do so, so please ... Read More »

Weekend PMSL – Will you dare to come and take a spin


Weekend PMSL – Time to focus on those inhibitions of yours and to take them for a “wicked” spin. Post – Scriptum: Nonetheless, Please keep your usual boundaries in mind and do not attempt any maneuver which you could regret on Monday morning. On these wise words please allow us to wish you a brilliant PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Saturday LMAO – Boost up the craze factor


Saturday LMAO – Whenever you feel like whining about time flying fast during the weekend, please bear in mind that for over 27 million Nepalese, today Saturday marks the last day of the week and the only weekly holiday over in Nepal. In the eventuality where on the other hand boredom seems to be the name of the game today, ... Read More »

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