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TGIF laughter – Kick starting the weekend craze

TGIF laughter- While some of you have already reached Friday evening and have started unwinding after a week of hard labor, others still have a few hours to go and most probably are checking their watches every now and then with impatience. In both cases, no doubt that a few chuckles could turn out to be more than welcome, so here’s our selection of Friday goodies!

Wishing you a fun weekend ahead and a joyful PMSLweb moment!

Funny naptime gif – TGIF laughter at

Funny cat attending dinner at

My cousin looks like a lego at

Funny unknown plant sign at

They see me mowing meme – TGIF laughter at

Another fine day ruined by responsibility at

Sponge Bob’s new job at

The get a job challenge meme at

127 meowurs at

Just saying personal philosophy cartoon at

Lobsters in the kitchen humor – TGIF laughter at

About to come meme at

Raid kills bugs meme at

New anti social network cartoon at

Restroom fan funny cartoon at

Always love a woman’s personality ecard – TGIF laughter at

Belieber becoming self aware at

Video games are awesome at

Subway fail gif at

Ice bucket challenge dog version at

Unhated nations humor at

Lord Voldemort charger – TGIF laughter at

Funny dumb*ss definition at

Funny car wash name at

No kicking balls against fence sign at

Mum cutting peppers in the kitchen funny gif at

The way to a man’s heart cartoon – TGIF laughter at

Funny casino lift sign at

Share a coke with Jack humor at

Master baiters funny store sign at

Bucket challenge fail meme at

Don’t scratch the couch gif at

Someone at work is plotting to kill you meme at

Reconnect me TV humor – TGIF laughter at

He’s half way out the door already comment at

Funny Nintendo controller review at

Funny armadillo gif at

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